Why Is My Central Heating So Noisy?

When your central heating system is noisy, there might be several reasons causing an increase in sound. There could be an accumulation of limescale, for example, a loose or a leaking pipe that you’re not aware of. The central heating system might also be overheating, or maybe the radiators need to be drained as this is a maintenance task that often gets forgotten.

Here are the common noises your central heating can make:

Tapping from your system

The tapping sound that occurs from your system is because of a buildup of limescale. This problem is mainly common in hard water areas, where the radiators are inclined towards water rich in calcium. The noise could suggest an advancing obstruction which can be corrected with a power flush of your system. 

Just switch off your boiler and add the chemical liquid into the tank. Then turn your boiler back on and allow the liquid to flow through the pipes with the water, hence loosening and unblocking any limescale that had been accumulated.

Banging pipes

The pipes of your boiler system are accustomed to the heat. This means that as the pipes heat up due to warm water from the boiler flowing through them, they will expand and contract because of the heat. Although this is normal, excessive banging in your pipes means that they haven’t been fitted properly, and the noise could be even more eminent if they are placed below the floorboards. If the noise is still there, you should call for a Heating repair in El Centro, CA. 

Kittling noise

Kittling is a sound that a kettle or pot makes when it is heated up. The sound is common in radiators when they heat up. Either you have column radiators or horizontal radiators, which may mean that there is a proliferation of sludge or limescale. Just like the tapping problem, the ideal way to handle this is through a power flush.


Gurgling in your radiator system is generally a sign of air bubbles being trapped inside the unit. Fortunately, all radiators are provided with the necessary tools and components to handle this quickly and easily. Draining your radiator requires turning off the central heating and using the drain key to open the drain valve. If there is some air trapped inside, the valve will make a hissing noise and leak water. Get towels or place a bucket underneath the open valve to catch any leakage.


A buzzing noise could occur because a part of your central heating system isn’t working properly, for example, the central heating pump, pressure gauge, thermostat. It might be a  case that the settings just need to be modified. 

Now you know which are the most common noises that are produced in the central heating system. Contact Air Comfort Heating and Cooling to perform any Heating replacement in El Centro, CA  or Furnace Repair in EL Centro, CA.  

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