What if Water is Leaking From My Furnace? And What should i do?

If you are wondering why water is leaking from my furnace, there are several factors that may be the cause. Keep reading further to troubleshoot this issue.

Top Reasons why Water is Leaking from the Furnace:

Modern furnaces can leak water for multiple reasons and require emergency furnace repair in El Centro, CA. The top reasons to consider for the furnace leakage are:

  • Clogged condensate trap
    Condensate traps are vital for dispersing acidic condensate from high-efficiency furnaces. A clogged trap may cause the condensate to overflow, affecting the unit’s overall performance and longevity.

    Occasionally, an accidentally disconnected or broken condensate drain line can trigger furnace leaks. Call a furnace repair in El Centro, CA, to eliminate a clogged condensate trap.

  • Damaged heat exchanger
    Condensation is not an issue for air conditioners. The high-efficiency furnaces generate condensate as a by-product of the heating processes.

    Moisture in the condensate is likely to be shed as warmness is eliminated as the furnace’s primary and secondary heat exchangers extract heat power from giving exhaust gas.

    Thus, a cracked or disputed heat exchanger permits hazardous gasses to escape and allows acidic condensate to leak out, leading to the question of why water is leaking from my furnace.

  • Dirty furnace filter
    A dirty filter can restrict airflow, causing the furnace to work harder. This overheats the system, which can trigger the breakdown of the furnace. It is a costly repair, and you should consult an HVAC expert immediately to eliminate this mess.
  • External leaks
    HVAC contractors in Brawley, CA
    , advise not to rule out the possibility of an external leak in the furnace. For instance, a leaky water line situated above the furnace can trigger a leakage in the furnace. If the furnace is situated in the attic, the leak from the roof may highlight similar outcomes.
  • Leaking humidifier
    A built-in humidifier can maintain your comfort in the room by balancing the humidity level inside the house. However, it is also a primary source of furnace leaks.

    If you have an HVAC system with a built-in humidifier, it possesses a plumbing system to supply water to that humidifier. Such water lines may develop leaks over a period, thereby causing a furnace leak.

What to do if you Experience a Furnace Leak?

There are several tips by HVAC contractors in Brawley, CA, to ensure that your furnace is working properly. Keep the following things in mind for an efficient furnace during the winter months.

  • If there is a clog or leak in the condensate lines, quickly find a puddle around the furnace.
  • If the venting pipe is inaccurate to your furnace’s size, replace the metal exhaust pipe to avoid condensation.
  • Mark the exact source of the leak and schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor in Rancho Mirage, CA.
  • Before investigating the furnace leakage issue, don’t forget to switch off the HVAC unit. Following this, clean up the water to eliminate further spillage.
  • A wet and dirty filter will restrict the airflow, putting additional pressure on the furnace. Make sure to replace it to avoid costly repairs.
  • Schedule routine maintenance if you have a high-efficiency heat exchanger so it is less susceptible to leakage.

To summarize

Having a leaky furnace can be expensive. There are proactive steps to restrict furnace leakage. Take immediate action if you notice any leakage from your furnace. To get a furnace repair in El Centro, CA, contact Air Comfort Heating & Cooling. We are committed to meeting your comfort needs with more than 24 years of experience in this field.

Call us at 760-592-0046 or email us to schedule an appointment with a skilled HVAC technician if you keep asking yourself why water is leaking from your furnace.