To What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner In the Summer?

Air conditioning is an incredible innovation of modern technology that prevents your home from being too hot to live in but also enables you to enjoy the advantages of warm weather. As a result, you may discover that you sleep better, are more productive, or can relax better.

However, air conditioners consume a substantial amount of electricity, and to get the intended results, they must constantly be running. This could cause an issue for your budget and the environment. The energy they consume is significantly higher than almost any other device in your home. More energy usage frequently leads to higher carbon emissions and imposes a heavier load on our shared climate. Air conditioning services in El Centro, CA, will help you save energy expenses while reducing the load on the environment.

What temperature can I set my air conditioner to while still comfortable?

This is a more subjective matter, as the temperature at which different individuals are most comfortable varies considerably. However, since 72 degrees is the generally accepted temperature for an indoor environment, most people would likely still feel comfortable setting their air conditioning units slightly higher than this, perhaps around 75 degrees.

Unless you work from home, most people do not want to be home for extended periods when it is 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside or 29.5 degrees Celsius. So it is ideal to have a programmable thermostat to set the temperature of your home before you return from work, the gym, shopping, or whatever errands you run during the day.

To achieve the required cooling effect more rapidly, you can produce windchill by wearing lighter clothing and operating a ceiling fan or box fan. The windchill effect is produced when air flows across the skin and pulls away body heat.


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