The Benefits of a Mini Split Ductless System

If your AC system is over ten years old and barely functions, it’s time to start planning for a new AC system. You might come across a mini-split ductless system if you want to install a different AC system.

Mini-split ductless systems are popular and in high demand due to their various benefits.

Benefits Of Installing A Mini-Split Ductless System

Here is a list of benefits of installing a mini-split ductless system:

  • Energy-efficient and comfortable services

Mini-split ductless systems are known for their high-energy efficiency as they do not use a duct system to distribute the air in your surroundings. A duct system is responsible for around 30% of energy loss, and if there is a leakage or hole in the duct, you might not receive cool air in some rooms.

  • Hassle-free and quick installation

When it comes to installing a central AC system, you might have to repair and upgrade the duct system to ensure the AC system works efficiently. As a result, the installation might take up to 2-3 days. However, in mini-split ductless system installation, the technician finishes the installation within 4-8 hours.

  • Zone cooling in different rooms

With a mini-split AC system, you can avoid issues with your thermostat’s temperature. The ductless mini-split system provides zone cooling, meaning there will be an indoor air handler in every room. It also helps in saving money, as you can install the AC system in rooms that need to be conditioned.

  • Perfect for every home

Mini-split systems are diversified units as they can be installed in any home. In addition, the small and compact structure makes them perfect for installation in every home.

You can suspend the mini-split system from a ceiling, install it on a wall, or mount it on a drop ceiling, and there are floor-standing models as well. If you are looking for the best mini-split system in Brawley, call our experienced HVAC professionals for assistance.

  • The compressor is installed outside

If you are tired of hearing loud AC operational noises, mini-split systems could be a great option. The noisy components, compressor and condenser coils, are packed in one unit, which is installed outside the room.

  • Improved indoor air quality

Modern ductless AC units come with high efficiency, and they have better air filtration technology equipment. They have high MERV-rating air filters and dehumidifiers that help to clean the air and improve indoor air quality.

These best mini-split systems in Brawley might be more costly, but they will help to keep the air clean and your family healthy.

Cons Of Investing In A Mini-Split Ductless System

Here are the disadvantages of a mini-split ductless system:

  • More expensive than a central AC system.
  • Improper size units can disturb comfort and increase problems.
  • Precise installation is essential to avoid high-energy bills.
  • The indoor air handler is installed on the walls, which can look weird with your room’s aesthetic.

Bottom Line

The best time to look for and purchase an air conditioning system is in the spring or autumn months. This is when you might get your desired AC system at a desired price. At this time, the demand for AC systems is low, and HVAC professionals are not busy compared to the peak winter and summer seasons.

So, if you’re looking for the best mini-split system in Brawley, Air Comfort Heating & Cooling experts are here to help you. We’ll help you find the right mini-split system and install it safely in your home at affordable rates. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment.