Reasons For Poor Heating Efficiency Of Your Furnace

Watching a scary horror movie alone at night is scary, but your furnace not warming up your place efficiently during the chilliest winter nights is even scarier. No matter where you reside in El Centro, you would never want your heating system to work inefficiently at any time.

Though this problem is common, you can quickly solve it with a few precautions. All you have to do is take care of some crucial parts of your heating system, and you are warm. However, if your heating system still heats inefficiently, contact an HVAC company for heating repair in El Centro, CA.

Signs of inefficient heating

The first sign you will notice for inefficient heating is you have hot and cold pockets in your home. If your furnace takes more time to warm your home than it did in the past, it means your furnace is facing heating issues. 

Reasons for inefficient heating

As the furnace owner, you are responsible for fixing your furnace’s issues. Instead of calling the professionals within the blink of an eye, you could attempt to solve the problem yourself. Here are some reasons why your furnace is making your home colder and uncomfortable:

  • Air filters

Air filters have an important role in the overall functioning of furnaces. They ensure that the indoor air is free from pollen and allergy-causing bacteria and keep it healthy. A clean air filter creates smooth airflow from the inside to the outside of the system.

However, with dirty air filters, the smooth airflow gets restricted. Since the system will have to work harder to push the air into the house, you will have increased energy bills with inefficient heating. 

Ensure to clean or replace your air filters frequently for proper airflow and cleaner indoor air. You can also contact an HVAC company for heating services in El Centro, CA, to do it for you.

  • Improper insulation

An insulated home ensures that no cold air from outside gets inside and no warm air leaks outside. If all parts of your system are in their best condition yet your home gets cold, improper insulation could be.

Ensure that the windows and doors in your home do not have any small spaces through which warm air can leak outside, or cold air can come inside. Repair these cracks for a comfortable winter season.

  • Leakages in ductwork

Your ductwork network ensures the transfer of the warm air from the heating appliance to the rooms in your home. However, With passing time, the ducts get weak and have holes that can seep into the walls instead of the house. 

Moreover, ducts can get clogged due to bacterial growth and mold formations. You should call a professional technician to check the vents in your home to seal such holes and remove such blockages.

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