Is Your Air Conditioner Dying?

It is crucial to understand when you should replace your air conditioners. There may be a lot of signs that point toward the same fact. We have listed a few for you to understand when your air conditioner is dying. 

  • It is old 

This is a very self-explanatory fact; however, people tend to ignore it. A usual air conditioner lasts for a maximum of 15-20 years if maintained properly. No technician can expand the lifespan of your air conditioner beyond a capacity. 

  • High electricity bills

If you notice that your bills are way too high, the reason could be your inefficient air conditioner. After you have attempted to repair it a few times, it is a sign for replacement if it is still inefficient. You will only increase your expenditure more if you do not change it. The high electricity costs plus the frequent repair charges will add up to be significant. At this stage, it is better to invest in a new AC. 

  • Not replacing moisture

While cooling is an important job of your AC, it is surely not the only thing. The AC is supposed to dehumidify air by removing moisture from it. Regardless of whether the AC is cooling or not, if your home is not feeling dehumidified, it is a sign that the equipment is not doing its job perfectly. And it is surely the time to go for a new one. 

  • Weird noises 

It is not something that cannot be repaired. However, if it is too frequent, even after attempting to repair it quite a few times, it is time to consider a replacement. An AC is supposed to make your life comfortable by providing adequate cool to your house and not increase your discomfort by producing strange noises throughout the day. 

  • When repairman becomes your friend 

If you have to call the repairmen a little too often because of the frequent damaging signals by your AC, it is surely time to consider getting a new one. Getting time off your busy schedules daily because of an inefficient AC is not worth it. 

  • Runs non-stop 

If your AC runs even after you commanded it not to, it is a serious problem. It will increase your electricity bills as well. It could have something to do with your remote or a damaged contractor. However, even after getting these checked, it is time to consider an AC replacement in El Centro, CAif it still is not stopping.

Maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that your AC is always working efficiently. However, even after ensuring this, a time will come when your AC will break down because it is designed to last only for 15-20 years at max. 

There may be things that can be resolved with repairs; however, if you feel that Air Conditioner Repair in EL Centro, CA is the only option, look out for these dying signals before considering a replacement.

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