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Benefits of smart thermostats for your home


There are many benefits of having a smart thermostat in your home In El Centro, Brawley, Calexico, CA, and surrounding areas. You can save money on electricity, monitor the temperature while you are away, set them to adjust automatically, and more! Here is some information about smart thermostats to better understand why they are beneficial.

Smart thermostats have an auto-away mode that can track when you are home or away from your home. It’s a feature that will monitor the location of all family members to determine when everyone is gone and then turn down the temperature so you don’t have to sit in a cold house while you’re out running errands. Contact us today for HVAC Smart WiFi Thermostat Installation In El Centro, Brawley, Calexico, CA and Surrounding Areas.

You can also use this mode to keep an eye on whether anyone is at home during certain hours, such as when children come in after school or in the evenings when no one else is supposed to be there. This can help prevent break-ins and theft by providing an extra set of eyes even when you aren’t there yourself.

Smart thermostats will often work with other smart appliances, such as lights. Setting up a schedule for your lights can help keep your home bright and cheerful even when you aren’t home.

You can set smart thermostats to turn down as soon as you leave the house or on a schedule, so it feels like someone is always home. If you have pets, some models will adjust on their own if they sense them near the device. This is an especially great feature for those who worry about their furry friends getting cold or hot while they’re gone and not being able to adjust accordingly.

With these helpful features, it’s easy to see why smart thermostats are beneficial. If you want to install a smart thermostat in your home In El Centro, Brawley, Calexico, CA, and surrounding areas, contact Air Comfort Heating & Cooling today!

What’s the process of installing a smart thermostat?

The process of installing a smart thermostat at home is simple. First, a technician will find a location to put the head unit where it can be easily accessed but out of the way, so you don’t run into it all the time. Then they’ll connect them with your WiFi network and show you how they work if these are features that interest you.

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Once upon a time, homeowners like you had to adjust their indoor temperatures by opening windows or fueling fires. Luckily, in 1883 a Wisconsin professor grew tired of having a cold classroom. The professor found himself continuously searching for the janitor in charge of the basement furnace who was responsible for adjusting dampers. As a result, the professor, Warren Johnson, invented the first thermostat.

The Smart Thermostat

Today homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to connect to the comfort of their home to their active lifestyles.  This includes a means for energy-intelligent home heating and cooling!  Comfort features and energy-efficiency ratings of your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner continue to advance, but the equipment is not a multi-functional tool equal to that of a smartphone.  This equipment is built to perform a single function — to heat or cool your home.

Types of Thermostats

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