How to Prepare My AC System for Summer in CA

During the summer, you need to ensure your air conditioner can work at maximum capacity. Homeowners must take the initiative to keep their AC system in the best condition possible. If you take proper measures beforehand, you may not have to worry about a breakdown during summer.

Prepare Your Air Conditioning System For Summer

While you can call a professional air conditioning service provider in El Centro, CA, to take care of your system, you should perform some basic steps yourself to prepare the system during warm weather. Below is a checklist to ensure your system is ready for the summer:

  • Turn off the system

Professional HVAC contractors in Brawley, CA, always advise homeowners to turn off the system before performing basic steps on their AC system. Ensure you locate the circuit breaker to shut off power to the condenser before inspecting the system.

  • Clean or replace the air filters

The filters become clogged with dirt and dust more often than any other part of the AC system. HVAC professionals suggest cleaning or replacing the filters at least twice a year. Increase the frequency if your home accommodates many people and has pets.

  • Keep the outdoor unit clean

The outdoor unit consists of a compressor, condenser, and fans. If you want the system to work efficiently, you shouldn’t forget to clean this unit. Since it remains outside, you may find it covered with plants, dry leaves, or dirt. You should remove any obstacle in the air passageway to ensure the fan is free of debris and dirt.

You can also contact our experienced technicians for air conditioning service in El Centro, CA, for quick system cleaning.

  • Check the ducts regularly

To ensure cool air is distributed throughout your home, ducts play a vital role. A window AC system will fall short of providing optimal efficiency in this regard. However, installing ducts can be costly, so taking care of them is important to maximize your investment. Regularly cleaning the ducts is necessary to maintain proper airflow.

You also need to look for any leaks in the ducts. The leaks can reduce the system efficiency significantly and increase your utility bills. But, again, you can find the leaks yourself or call for AC repair support immediately.

  • Add adequate insulation

A perfectly insulated home can keep the cool air inside your home. It will also help you trap warmth in your rooms during winter. As a result, your AC system doesn’t receive much pressure and remains in excellent condition.

You can add extra insulation to your basement, attic, and roof. You may even want to make your doors and windows weatherproof. HVAC professionals often suggest that homeowners use thick blinds as natural prevention mode to keep the sunlight out.

  • Inspect the refrigerant lines

For your AC system to work efficiently, you must ensure the system has enough refrigerant and no leak in the lines. The coolant line runs from the evaporator coils in the indoor unit to the condenser in the outdoor unit. If you find any leaks, contact a professional HVAC contractor in Brawley, CA, like Air Comfort Heating & Cooling.

  • Opt for a smart thermostat

Every year technology expands, and HVAC systems come equipped with updated features. For example, a smart thermostat helps you control your air conditioning system using a smartphone, and you can manage temperature wirelessly.

A smart thermostat can track your energy requirement and set the system accordingly.

  • Call for a professional tune-up

Ensure your AC system is functioning at its best by scheduling a professional tune-up service in a timely manner. Our team of qualified technicians will thoroughly inspect your system to identify and address any issues. They will take care of everything from cleaning to replacing components to ensure your system performs optimally.

Bottom Line

By being attentive to your air conditioning system, you can ensure it provides optimal service. Don’t wait until summer to restart your cooling system; instead, consider hiring a professional HVAC service contractor in Brawley, CA, to provide ongoing maintenance and care for your AC.

For affordable and reliable air conditioning service in El Centro, CA, look no further than Air Comfort Heating & Cooling. Our team provides exceptional service and can assist with various AC needs. To schedule an appointment, simply call or email us at [email protected].