Heat Pump vs. Furnace: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each?

When winter approaches and you need a furnace or heat pump replacement in Brawley, CA, knowing which heating equipment is better can be confusing. Once you understand the benefits and disadvantages of each unit, you can choose the perfect option.

If you do not choose the right HVAC equipment considering some factors, you may need to opt for heat pump or furnace repairs in El Centro, CA.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a heat pump vs furnace

A heat pump does not need gas, oil, or any other fuel to heat. It takes the heat from the outside air and delivers the required heating indoors. On the other hand, a furnace burns fuel or warms the air using electric heating coils.

The most popular and widely used type of heat pump replacement in Brawley, CA, is an air-source heat pump. Gas and electric furnaces are more popular due to their low running cost and high cost of oil.

The comparison based on the pros and cons of furnace and heat pump are the following:

  • Energy consumption

A heat pump uses less energy than a furnace because it does not burn fuel, which requires more energy. On the other hand, even if it is an electric furnace, it will consume more power than a heat pump due to electric heating coils.

The furnace can be more energy-efficient if you live in a colder climate with an average temperature below 30 degrees because the heat pump relies on the outside air to absorb heat.

It will have to work harder and consume more energy when it is too cold outside. If you don’t wish to schedule mini-split or furnace repair in El Centro, CA, for high utility bills, you should maintain the efficiency by scheduling a tune-up.

  • Installation cost

When considering the installation of an air or water source heat pump versus a furnace, it’s important to note that furnace installation tends to be more budget-friendly.

You should hire our local and reputed technician for installation to get your work done at a fair price and prevent untimely central heater and heat pump replacement in Brawley, CA, due to poor installation.

  • Maintenance expenses

The heat pump is more cost-effective than the furnace if we compare its maintenance charges. It is because a mini-split heat pump does not have any ductwork that can add the extra cost of cleaning service and heat pump repairs in Brawley, CA.

  • Heating capacity

Although the heat pump works well during winter but has a certain efficiency limit; if the temperature is below 30 degrees, its heating capacity can degrade.

You may need frequent heat pump repairs, in extremely cold regions due to low efficiency. The furnace is a suitable choice for cold weather.

  • Add-on benefits

The additional benefits of a heat pump are utility rebates and cooling during summer. A heat pump is a universal system that can provide multi-zone cooling and heating.

Therefore, it takes care of your comfort needs throughout the year, whereas a furnace can only fulfill your heating requirements.

In simple words, the merits of a heat pump are its high energy efficiency, no fuel and ductwork requirement, multi-zone temperature, utility debates, cooling benefits, and fewer heat pump repairs in Brawley, CA.

The merits of a furnace are high heating capacity and low installation charges.

Things to look for during heating installation

You should not choose any furnace or heat pump without considering the size, brand, fuel availability, and energy efficiency.

  • Choose accurate heater size using a Manual J calculator to prevent unexpected furnace repairs in El Centro, CA.
  • Install in the lowest noise level and highest energy rating.
  • Hire the NATE-certified, EPA-qualified, and experienced technician to avoid expensive Rancho Mirage, CA heat pump repair.
  • Maintain your heat pump or central furnace unit after installation to enhance its life efficiency and quality.


Consider your budget and the climate to choose between a heat pump and a furnace. Suppose you have any confusion regarding the HVAC equipment. In that case, you can connect with Air Comfort. Our certified, experienced, and trusted technician will help you with all the comfort requirements and heat pump replacement in Brawley, CA. Contact us to schedule a professional heat pump and furnace installation.