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It is frustrating to have a broken heating system! Especially in cold regions, it is hard to survive without a heating unit or a heater. Heaters keep the place warm and clean. With the even distribution of heat, heaters help in retaining the room temperature for longer periods.

It is always better to get your heating system checked every six months. That way, you can solve minute issues your heating system might have. You can also repair your heating unit by troubleshooting it. 

Here are some of the ways you can troubleshoot your heating system!

Run a complete thermostat check: If your heating system is blowing cold air, you need to check your thermostat settings first. Maybe the batteries aren’t working, or your set temperature is lower than required. If so, then change the batteries and set the temperature to about ten to twelve degrees higher than the outside temperature. This way, you will understand if you need to change your thermostat or just the batteries have gone bad!

Reset your thermostat: At times, due to overuse, lack of maintenance, or irregular servicing, the thermostat might be out of calibration. It is always better to reset the thermostat. Use an instruction manual to do so. A simple way to reset it is by turning off the thermostat and then switching off the breaker that supplies power to the heating unit. Now, wait for 30-45 seconds and turn the breaker on. Once the breaker is on, switch the thermostat on. Voila! Your thermostat has been reset!

Consult a professional technician if your thermostat is completely broken. A professional technician especially meant for Heating Services EL Centro, CA, will look into the matter and fix it!

  • Clean the filter: Regularly clean your filters of the heating system. Dirt and dust from the surroundings build up on the filters and restrict the flow of warm air. Cleaning or replacing the filter is especially recommended if you own pets! Hence, it is necessary to clean the filters and vents once a month or at least once in two months. 
  • Unblock the vents: At times, the drapes, furniture, and other home décor tend to obstruct the vents, which causes uneven air distribution. These things restrict the airflow and cause unnecessary hot or cold spots in your home. Be sure to check and keep these vents open and clean all the time! If your vents are blocked, then you will have a hike in your electricity bill, so if you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily, then keep a check on your vents!

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