All You Need To Know About AC Repair

It is summertime! It is that time to calm the blaze of heat with your air conditioners. It’s important to conduct a quick check of the ac unit that provides us with comfortable air in all weather. Air comforts team of professionals is here to help you with Air Conditioning Service in EL Centro CA and deliver satisfactory service.

Before you call for a technician’s help, to better understand, let’s see the working principle of ac, problems that occur in ac, and reasons you might need an ac repair. Generally, an air conditioner works on the principle of heat transfer. It replaces the hot air inside the room with chilled air by transferring it to the outer surroundings. 

Common problems that need AC Repair:

  • Leakage of refrigerant: Refrigerant is the fluid in your ac unit which absorbs and releases heat from the interior to the outer surrounding flexibly. The ac unit is filled with refrigerant as it acts as a working fluid. If you observe a level drop of refrigerant, it means there is a leakage, and you might need to refill the refrigerant. The technician would know the exact amount of refrigerant to be refilled, and leakages would be fixed. Leakage of the refrigerant decreases the efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • The Output of warm air: When you notice warm air output from your ac vents, check the thermostat settings. Change the settings to cooling mode. If the problem persists, check the compressor, look for restricted airflow, and contact us to get your AC repaired.
  • Clog in drainage lines: Due to high humidity, the drainage lines of the ac system get blocked. Clog in the condensate line leads to moisture backup in the ac unit. This might cause the failure of other critical components of the ac unit. It is always better to get your lines filtered and repaired once in two months.
  • Restricted airflow: Restricted airflow might happen due to blockage in ac filters. It is advisable to clean the air filters once in 3-6 months.
  • Survey of outdoor ac unit: Check the fins around your ac unit from outside. Proper functioning of fins is essential for smooth airflow. Look for debris and clean it.
  • Foul smell and unwanted noises: The most common issue of the ac unit is a foul smell. If you observe this, check the drainage lines and clean your ac unit. Rattling noises may happen due to the loosening of components or improper functionality. 

Never forget:

  • Cleaning and proper maintenance (3-6 months) of an air conditioner is important as it increases the life of ac. It also saves the efforts of ac repairs. 
  • Overall inspection of the air conditioner once a year is essential for the smooth functioning of the ac unit.

The AC services include:

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning 
  • Indoor Air Quality 
  • Ductless

Trust the professionals!

If your AC unit needs repairing or overall inspection, feel free to reach out to Air Comfort Heating & Cooling for quality services. The best AC repairing with professional technicians. Our air conditioner repair El Centro CA services are the best!