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Air Purifiers harness the power of high-output ultraviolet clarifying (UVC) and ultraviolet vacuum (UVV) air purifiers for whole-home air quality.

Protection you need

Day & NightA central heating and cooling system offers just the basics with regard to enhanced indoor air quality for you and your family. Consider the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the air you breathe inside your home could be up to five times more polluted than the air outside your home. Beyond simply heating and cooling the air in your home, don’t you want the best indoor air possible for your family? We make it a simple decision with Indoor Air Essentials product solutions.

Shine a light on comfort

Ultraviolet lamps have been used in a wide range of sterilization applications for almost 100 years, including water treatment, food processing and disinfection of hospital equipment. Air Purifiers employ the same technology by using a combination of germicidal UVC and UVV light to help deactivate microbial contaminants, like bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens, while also deodorizing the air inside your home.

What kind of maintenance is needed on air purifiers?

An air purifier is an air-cleaning device that regulates indoor air quality by removing pollutants, including airborne particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander, gases like volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), formaldehyde or cigarette smoke, small amounts of radon gas and other indoor air pollutants.

An important aspect of an air purifier is maintenance services, which ensure proper performance. Proper maintenance will increase the useful life of the unit and reduce the chance of breakdowns or failures in between scheduled service intervals.

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Measures to take for air purifier maintenance at home

A homeowner can help extend an air cleaner’s useful life by performing daily cleaning of prefilters, checking for and repairing leaks, keeping the air cleaner’s airflow unobstructed by storing items away from it, planning regular cleaning of the unit at least once a year, changing filters when recommended by the manufacturer, and having the air cleaner serviced annually.

What you can expect during a service call?

A technician will begin air purifier services by inspecting the equipment, including the filters and other parts. Maintenance may include greasing or oiling moving parts to keep them in working condition, making any electrical or mechanical adjustments, tightening connections to ensure that vibration doesn’t create gaps through which air might escape, replacing worn sealant tape used to prevent air leaks around doors and windows, replacing worn gaskets and defective parts, and inspecting the air duct system.

During this service, an air purifier service technician will also inspect the exterior, including the case, accessories, buttons, and knobs for signs of wear or damage. If a problem is detected, the technician will make repairs and offer recommendations for preventing future problems.

What are some common repairs needed on air purifiers?

Some common repairs include:

  • Replacing wire-mesh prefilters or HEPA filters after a specific amount of time has passed, depending on the filter type and usage;
  • Cleaning clogged ductwork and maintenance hatches;
  • Replacing worn gaskets and other seals that prevent air from leaking out of the unit;
  • Replacing worn fan belts or loose screws that can cause vibrations and noise.
  • Checking and replacing batteries in thermostats and controls, or reprogramming defective equipment;
  • Replacing worn power cords, plugs, and switches that have lost their tension or have come loose from the unit;
  • Replacing broken fans on-air scrubbers or power units;
  • Replacing defective fittings, yokes, couplings, and other mechanical parts;
  • Adjusting or replacing levelers which provide stability to the unit.

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