5 Signs You Need Heating Repair

Imagine the relentless sun blazing down on your home in Brawley, CA. Inside, you should be enjoying a cool oasis. But if your air conditioner and heating system are unreliable, with strange noises, high heating bills, constant thermostat adjustments, or frequent cycling, it’s time to act. Welcome to Air Comfort Heating & Cooling, your trusted HVAC Company in Brawley, CA, for year-round air comfort.

Strange Noises Coming from Your Furnace

The Unheard Symphony of Comfort

On a chilly winter evening in Brawley, CA, your furnace should be a silent ally. If you hear clunks, bangs, or squeaks, it’s time for a tune-up. These sounds can signal serious issues. Air Comfort Heating & Cooling specializes in fixing these problems, ensuring smooth, noiseless furnace operation.

Higher Than Usual Heating Bills

Don’t Let Your Wallet Feel the Heat

A sudden spike in heating bills, despite constant thermostat settings, suggests your system is overworking. Air Comfort Heating & Cooling excels in optimizing heating equipment for energy efficiency, reducing your bills.

Constantly Needing to Adjust Thermostat Settings

Your Comfort, Your Way, Always

If you’re frequently adjusting your thermostat, it could indicate heating or cooling system issues. Air Comfort Heating & Cooling ensures your HVAC system responds well, providing consistent comfort all year.

Frequent Cycling

The Rollercoaster Ride of Temperature

Erratic HVAC system behavior, known as “short cycling,” reduces system lifespan and comfort. Air Comfort Heating & Cooling is adept at resolving these issues, ensuring efficient, reliable operation.

Yellow or Flickering Burner Flame

The Language of Flames

A steady, blue flame in your furnace is ideal. A yellow or flickering flame can mean incomplete combustion, a safety hazard. Air Comfort Heating & Cooling addresses these issues, ensuring peak performance and safety.

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