10 Indications That Your Home Heating System Needs Servicing

Many homeowners think cleaning the heater and replacing the filters is enough to troubleshoot their HVAC system. Unfortunately, this is simply not enough to remedy the issue. This task requires professional training to clean the HVAC without damaging or breaking any system component.

Some furnace defects are hardly visible and can cause too much damage to the HVAC. Our technician detects these minor defects during the heating service. Home heating system service protects you from unfavorable conditions, discomfort, and costly solutions. Contact Air Comfort Heating and Cooling for superior heating services, including heater replacement in El Centro, CA, and Brawley, CA.

Signs that your heating system needs servicing

If your heater needs servicing, it will indicate it with these 10 signs:

  • Annual maintenance is absent

When you do not schedule annual service, your HVAC becomes slow and inefficient. The poor quality of the heating equipment is the result of poor maintenance.

If you have not scheduled annual maintenance service for more than one year, it is a sign that you need heating service in El Centro, CA.

  • The system shuts down suddenly.

When your HVAC system needs a repair service, it may shut down and turn on frequently. The frequent short cycling of the HVAC suggests a heating service. If you avoid scheduling an urgent HVAC service, you may soon need a heater replacement. Contact Air Comfort Heating and Cooling for heater services in Brawley, CA, if you require assistance.

  • Your home heater is cooling.

After the heater installation in Brawley, CA, the furnace or heat pump should only blow hot air. If the thermostat is set to the heating mode, but the heater is blowing cool air, it is a sign that your home heating system needs servicing.

  • The heating system leaks gas.

The blue flame is a sign of proper fuel burning and complete combustion. If the fuel is not burning properly, the flame will turn yellow. It indicates a carbon monoxide leak that is hazardous to your health.

On the other hand, the frequent need for fuel recharge also indicates gas leakage. If you experience the two mentioned problems, your heating system needs servicing.

  • The thermostat does not work.

When your thermostat does not respond according to the settings, it’s time to get your heating equipment serviced. The thermostat failure can be due to some electrical damage, dead batteries, and a broken thermostat.

  • You hear strange noises.

If the HVAC operation noise gets louder over time after the heater installation in Brawley, CA, this increase in the noise indicates service requirements. Some strange noises, such as bubbling, rattling, clicking, hissing, vibration, gurgling, etc., also alert you to the need for immediate repair.

  • The equipment lacks efficiency.

It is possible you may notice a sudden increase in the monthly utility bills for your HVAC. Generally, you avoid this issue thinking it is due to the age of the equipment, but it can be the outcome of some damage.

The heater’s reduced energy efficiency can also be the reason for heater replacement. When your heating equipment consumes too much power and causes expensive running costs, you should get it serviced.

  • There is water leakage.

The HVAC leaks water if you notice moisture near heating equipment and ductwork. It can be due to clogging, broken drain pan, poor condition of drain lines, and ice build-up. When your heater leaks water, it’s the right time to schedule the heating service.

  • The heater is not blowing air.

The settings on the thermostat are accurate, but your heating equipment does not blow any air is the sign to schedule a heating system service.

  • It produces a hazardous odor.

Any odor from HVAC after heater installation in Brawley, CA, is unusual and hazardous. If your heater releases strange odors, it can signify electrical damage, dirty equipment, dead rodents, and gas leakage. When your HVAC produces hazardous odors, call our technician for heating service.


A timely heating service and routine HVAC maintenance can protect you from heating issues. If you are struggling with heating malfunctions, contact Air Comfort Heating and Cooling. We have been providing HVAC services for all the brands since 1998. Schedule service now for HVAC maintenance and heating installation in Brawley, CA, and the surrounding areas.